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Lee Kiwoo
Look beyond the surface
Contact PST (usually 6pm-11pm)
Age 19 (October 23)
Height 192cm
Weight 78kg
Bloodtype AB
Year Senior
Clubs Student Council President
Location H#101
UNDIAGNOSED** One of the laziest people you will ever know or possibly hear of. He is in fact so incredibly lazy that he tends to fall asleep wherever and whenever no matter what the occasion like a narcoleptic might. Beware of whining when waking him up. Being an easy going person goes hand in hand with being lazy as well and easily applies to him.
GOODNATURED** Need some help? He's a bit old fashioned but a really nice guy. Ask him for the shirt off his back and he will give it to you with a little bit of whining on his part. A smile will usually be on his face, even while sleeping. The guy has a lot of love and affection to share with everyone.
SPACECASE** He's in his own dimension, seriously. This guy doesn't usually react to most things like most people would. Random comments during conversations may for example, make him shy or maybe turn into a playful tease. He'll also make some pretty random comments that make sense only to himself; basically going off in his own tangents of thoughts and actions with anyone and everyone else that doesn't have the patience to bring him back on topic. It's probably a miracle and a mystery that he even got the President position on the student council after being the Vice President the year before.
FOODIE** One of the very few things that can actually make him be physically active is food. Whether it comes to making it and/or eating it, he will get up and do it. Even if he's already full or if it involves moving to another building for it, he can't say no to food. It may seem like he can't do anything right but he's actually pretty good at cooking and baking since his sense of palate is well developed.


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